Church Life

Holy Week

Holy Week is upon us, and with it come countless ways for us to remember these most important days in the church calendar.  In my early years as a mom, I did SO MANY things.  Lenten gardens, resurrection rolls, paper chains, lapbooks, resurrection eggs, etc, etc.  It was too much.  As with many other things in life, I’ve scaled back with the thought that doing a few things consistently and (hopefully) well will be more meaningful and less pressured.  Here’s what our Holy Week will look like this year:

Maundy Thursday:  Attend foot-washing service at church

Good Friday:  Bake hot cross buns, walk through the stations of the cross before church, and attend Good Friday service.  Silence and candles at home as we prepare for bed.

Holy Saturday:  Attend Easter Vigil and be with our youngest as he takes his first communion! Partying and sparklers after the service.

Easter Sunday:  Sleepily get ready for church, “alleluia” until our voices get hoarse, and share an Easter feast with friends and family after church.

It’s still a lot, but there’s nothing quite like the peace and joy that come Sunday afternoon when you’ve walked through this week.